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The “Debit Credit” newspaper column was launched in the Business Mirror starting on September 21, 2015. This column accepts articles from contributions from the accountancy profession and is featured every Monday in the business newspaper.

“This column is aptly called “Debit Credit,” which is the basic language or principle of all accountants. True to the character of accountants, the articles to be written for this “Debit Credit” column would present all sides of an issue to have a fair representation of a topic. The “debits” and “credits” of a subject would be threshed out in all the articles to be featured in this column “said Chairman Joel Tan-Torres.

“Our fellow accountants will be contributing articles for the “Debit Credit.” column. These articles should be of interest to the accountancy profession, in particular, and to the business community, in general. These accountants can be any of the more than 165,000 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) registered with the Board of Accountancy. Those CPAs in the various sectors of commerce and industry, public practice, academe and government can contribute articles of interest in their particular fields. Even the junior accountants studying in the various accounting schools can also share their thoughts on relevant matters of interest,” said Chairman Tan-Torres

“The first article in our column discussed the Philippine Tax Academy which is a creation of law but has yet to be organized at this time. This Academy should be of interest to us because once this training center for our tax collectors is organized, we can expect a a more professional and capable corps of tax collectors from the BIR, Bureau of Customs, and our local governments,” said Chairman Tan-Torres.

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To date, as of May 2017, 90, articles from various accountant writers have been featured in the Debit Credit column. These articles are posted in the BoA website and can be downloaded from the link

Those interested in contributing articles for consideration for publication in the “Debit Credit” column can write articles in Word format  not exceeding 600 words,  double spaced. Articles exceeding 1,200 words can be serialized.  A short write up and 2” x 2” photo of the writer should accompany the article.

These articles can be emailed to

CPAs whose articles are published in the Business Mirror shall get five(5) units of CPD.


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