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The first issue of the Highest Standards Technical Journal is now released. This publication is intended to provide a venue for the publication of research studies or technical articles from accountants. The first issue contains ten articles from accountant writers .

As the call for contributions for articles for the next issue of the journal (refer to previous posts or the website announcement on the details and deadline for submission on November 30, 2015), the Editorial Board is also calling for the submission of the cover design (front and back) for the journal.

Submission of designs for the journal covers should follow the masthead of the first issue and submitted as a Microsoft Publisher file. The design contributions can be submitted to the Editorial Board-Highest Standards at boa.secretariat@gmail.com not later than November 30, 2015.

The contributor whose design will be selected as the cover for the journal will be given copies of the journal and other BoA articles.

The Editorial Board would like to acn=knowledge the design of Gizelle Almeda which was used for the first issue of the Highest Standards Technical Journal.

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The first issue of the Highest Standards Technical Journal was printed and released on September 16, 2015. This 114 page journal of is the initiative of the Board of Accountancy and the initial batch of ten contributors from the accountancy profession.

“This initiative of coming up with this publication is intended to encourage contributors to conduct meaningful studies and research of articles that will be added to the accounting literature and for them to articulate their academic or professional view points,” said Chairman Joel Tan-Torres.

The articles submitted were subjected to peer review by the Royal Institute of Singapore in accordance with the academic practice on research journal articles.

This journal will be published semi-annually.

Submission of articles are now being accepted for the second issue which is scheduled to be released by March 2016. The article should have 3,000 to 5,000 words and should be written using Word. The electronic file of the article can be emailed to boa.secretariat @gmail.com with the following information or documents: name of writer, CPA number, contact information (email address and phone number), abstract and picture/photo of the writer, and a statement of authorship and permission to publish in the journal. The article can be a previously written or published article with updated revisions done, if necessary.

Deadline for submission is on November 30, 2015.

The Highest Standards Technical Journal can be secured for P150 for each copy.

PICPA Chapters, sectoral organizations, accounting schools and all other accounting organizations which would like to order at least 20 copies of the News Ledger can place their order by emailing boa.secretariat@gmail.com and depositing the payment (P150 per copy with free courier/mailing already) at BPI SA 3523136983) and emailing the scanned copy of the deposit slip to boa.secretariat@gmail.com.

Alternatively, copies of the Highest Standards Technical Journal will be made available in the various PICPA and Sectoral Organization Chapter offices (the presidents can make arrangement with the BOA secretariat), at PICPA Shaw, or at major events of the various organizations, such as conventions, general assembly meetings or CPD seminars.


Scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2015

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