Accountancy Leaders meet in 4th Stakeholders Forum

The entire Board of Accountancy met the invited leaders of the accountancy profession last December 20, 2016 in the Makati Sports Club. Over 35 CPAs, coming from PICPA and other sectoral accounting organizations, the accountancy councils, and the accountancy affiliated certification organizations attended the forum. The BoA has been holding this gathering May 18, 2016, where a select group consisting of the leaders of the accountancy profession are invited to discuss with the entire BoA the most important issues and developments in the profession.

In this Forum, Chairman Joel Tan-Torres discussed the following:priorities

Ø Six Point Expanding Horizons Strategic Plan
Ø Accountancy of the Future
Ø Major structural changes ongoing
Ø Revisions of accountancy law
Ø Forthcoming accounting learning and examination tracks
Ø Globalization trends in our midst
Ø Certification of compilation services on preparation of FS
Ø New Expanded Auditors Report
Ø High impact regulatory directions
Ø CPD directions
Ø Case Development Program
Ø Inspection of schools
Ø Inspection of offices of CPAs in PP
Ø Sectoral, CPA Tracker and IFAC Survey
Ø BoA Publication
Ø Empowering the SMPs
Ø Strengthening the professional & sectoral organization
Ø BoA Volunteer Program
Ø I am Accountant
Ø 2017 Calendar of Events

After the forum, the traditional BoA Christmas Party and grand prize raffle followed.

The presentation material discussed in the Forum will be posted in the BoA website..



A historic event took place in PICPA Shaw last may 18, 2014 when the leaders of the accountancy profession gathered in the !st Accountancy Stakeholder’s Forum (ASF)organized by the Board of Accountancy.


Over 20 participants attended the forum, coming from the 7 sectoral accounting organizations, 2 standards councils, the Big 6 accounting firms and the complete Board of Accountancy. Chairman Joel Tan-Torres discussed the Regional and Local developments in the Accountancy profession and presented the priority projects under the Expanding Horizons(EH) initiative.

“This forum is intended to communicate to the major stakeholders in our profession the global and domestic environment that is or will be confronting our CPAs. Our fellow accountants should be aware on what is forthcoming in the near future and that they should be properly equipped to cope with these developments. The BoA will be there to provide the necessary support to as well as regulatory monitoring of the entire profession,” Chairman Tan-Torres said.

The calendar of events until the end of the year was presented during the forum. The participants were also informed of the point person in the BoA for the various EH projects and sectoral organizations.

PGS Committee Head Normita Villaruz presented the Performance Governance System of the accountancy profession.

meet 3The next meeting of the ASF is scheduled on November 18, 2015.