The Professional Regulations Commission now has an extension office in the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC in Roxa Boulevard. The Secretariat of the Professional Regulatory Boards, including that of the Board of Accountancy and the International Affairs Division (IAD) have transferred its offices to PICC.

Papers addressed to the BoA can be sent to the PICC office of the Secretariat/Secretary of the BoA.

The following transactions will be entertained at the IAD, 1st floor PICC Complex, Pasay City:

✓Application for registration of foreign professionals with or without examination through foreign reciprocity or international agreement;
✓Application for Special Temporary Permit to foreign professionals practicing the professions other than in the humanitarian mission (eg. employed by private and government agencies);
✓Application for Special Temporary Permit to foreign healthcare professionals participating in the humanitarian mission;
✓Application for Certification of Ineligibility to take the licensure examination by a non – Filipino citizen;
✓Application to take the licensure examination and registration of foreign graduate through foreign reciprocity;
✓Application for registration of Filipino professionals under ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangements (Engineering, Architecture and Accountancy) or under APEC (Engineering or Architecture).

The Registration Division at the PRC Sampaloc , Manila however, shall entertain application for Special Temporary Permit and issuance of Professional Identification Card to former Filipino professionals.