The National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) and the Board of Accountancy (BOA) bring back the 2nd ACCOUNTANCY TEAM EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING TOURNAMENT (AtTEST).

This competition will culminate in the 33rd Annual National Convention that will be held in Hotel Supreme in Baguio City from April 23 to 26, 2017. The AtTEST aims for JPIANs to be updated and knowledgeable on developments in the accounting profession and to promote the attributes of the Filipino accountant that include, among others, competence, ability to apply critical thinking, communicate well, team work, time management

BOA Chairman Joel Tan Torres and Vice-Chairperson Dr. Gloria T. Baysa have confirmed their attendance in the said event. They will be judging this event together with other judges.

All regional NFJPIA chapters are encouraged to conduct their regional eliminations to determine what chapter/school will represent their region in the national final competition

For the rules and guidelines for AtTEST, you can email or



The National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants in partnership with the Board Of Accountants will organized the “AccounTancy TEAM EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING TOURNAMENT”  or AtTEST during the NFJPIA Annual National Convention to be held by April 2017. The AtTEST  is open to teams consisting of two  bona fide members of the NFJPIA who possess excellent speaking, presentation   and analytical

The objectives of AtTEST are:

  • To be updated or knowledgeable on developments in the profession
  • To build camaraderie and establish a unified NFJPIA
  • To be well-trained in expressing one selves and one’s ideas in English
  • To promote leadership, stability and meaningful social development through diverse activities and programs
  • To instill the concept of teamwork
  • To develop ones self-confidence and boost morale
  • To stimulate critical and analytical thinking
  • To instill the skill of time management and meeting deadlines


The AtTEST shall have two phases:  the prelimary phase which involves teams competing for each geographical area namely, Luzon, Visayas , Mindanao and NCR; and the final phase, which will involve the four winners from the geographical area preliminary phase competition.

The AtTEST shall have the competing teams make a presentation where each of the two members of the team speaking on a particular topic/issue.  A presentation outline will have to be prepared which will be the basis for the presentation of the members.  A “Power Point” presentation should accompany the talk of both members.  The topic/s or issues that will presented by the teams will be given a few minutes before the start of the presentation of each team. The topics/issues will dwell on current and  relevant topics on accountancy .  Examples:  How to improve the quality of the CPA Board Examination;  The ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Accountancy Services:  How Accountants should prepare for this;  What are the Disadvantages and Advantages of the Quality Assurance Review.


The team presentation  will be judged based on the following criteria :

Teamwork of members 10%
     Construction of Words

(Grammatical Conventions)

Quality of Powerpoint presentation 10%
Substance of presentation 30%
Style of Delivery, Confidence and Poise 20%
Over all Impact 10%
Total 100%


The Preliminary phase shall involve the team of each Geographical area competing against each other

Each team will be given fifteen (15) minutes to prepare their  outline, speech and power point presentation  on the topic. The teams will have not less than ten (10) minutes and not more than fifteen (15) minutes to make their presentation to the Board of Judges .


The preparation and presentation of the teams will be sequenced in such a way that while one team starts their presentation to the Board of   Judges, the next team shall start preparing their presentation.  From this preliminary round , the team that garners the highest rating  for each   geographical area  will proceed  to compete on the Final round of the competition.

The Final phase shall involve the four Geographical areas winning teams from the preliminary phase competing against each other.  The same rules and procedures prescribed in the Preliminary phase shall apply in this round.  The winner of the AtTEST competition shall be judged members or representatives of Board of Accountancy


All finalists will receive certificates of participation/standing.  The winner of the AtTEST is the team which garners the highest rating based on the ratings given by the Board of Judges.  The winning team will receive    a customized  trophy from Board of Accountancy.