BoA Internship


The selection for the batch of BoA interns for school year 2016-2017  is still ongoing  “The Internship Program (IP) of the BoA promises a challenging learning and training experience for the first batch of interns who will be selected. They will get a chance to interact with the  various stakeholders of the profession and will handle various activities in the course of their 200 or more hours internship in BoA. Their internship will be credited for their academic requirements,” Chairman Joel Tan-Torres mentioned.

“We have been talking to accounting school administrators for consideration for selection of an entire batch of their accounting students in the IP. Likewise, individual applications of accounting students have been received and will be evaluated. We have been flexible in taking into account the time requirements and availability of the interns. Thus, training hours of the interns will include Saturdays and holidays. We intend to select 10 to 20 interns for the first batch. The interns will be working in PICPA Shaw or PICPA Cebu,  The interns will also get allowances of P250 per day n the course of their training” Chairman Tan-Torres said


  1. Undergraduate accounting students of Metro Manila and nearby cities , and Cebu, belonging to the top 20% can submit their written applications to or to BOA Internship Program c/o PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
    2. The following documents should accompany the application: (1) certification from the head of the accounting school or department attesting that the applicant is ranked in the top 20% of his/her batch; (2) a one-page write-up on why the applicant is applying for the IP; (3) Resume of the applicant; (4) Sample of paper or article written by the applicant; and, (5) 2”x 2” photo of the applicant.
    3. The applicant should be familiar with MS Office applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.), desktop publishing and digital design software.
    4. The applicant should be familiar with social networking sites.
    5. The applicant can proficiently communicate in oral and written English.
    6. The applicant should be able to work independently with minimum supervision

The applicant should submit the requirements to the BoA Internship Program, c/o PICPA, 700 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

School administrators can also arrange  “batch” and “customized” internship with the BoA by contacting boa.secretariat  For more details, visit the BoA website at