The Board of Accountancy is assisting CPAs who are pursuing Masteral and Doctoral research or thesis writing as part of their academic graduate studies. The CPAs who are conducting surveys, as part of their academic work, can take advantage of a BoA Face Book posting to assist in the generating of respondents to the surveys. Those interested in this FB posting assistance should submit a written request, certification from the head of the school that the CPA is doing the research project, the draft of the survey questionnaire and the FB announcement. Submission of the final thesis or study upon completion is also required,

The FB account of the BoA has a large number of followers who may be able to support the research initiatives of the CPA masteral or doctoral candidates.

For the first assistance, the BoA is posting the thesis/survey project of Ms. Rosario Manahan, CPA, who is completing the requirements for her doctoral degree in business management at the Holy Angel University.

Refer to the write up below for information on her thesis study and survey.


Know the answer to this question by participating in an online survey on CPD and learning activities. The study entitled “Common Characteristics of Exemplary CPAs: Towards a Career Path Model for the Accounting Profession,” explores patterns of CPD and learning activities and a career path model for the accounting profession relative to lifelong career achievements of exemplary CPAs. This study is being conducted by Rosario C. Manahan to complete the requirements for a doctoral degree in business management at the Holy Angel University.

Please share your views via the Board of Accountancy Facebook page by using URL link:

Participation is strictly voluntary, and the option to discontinue will be respected. However, should you continue, you have the assurance from the researcher that all information and sources you share will be protected in accordance with the Data Privacy Act.

Kindly return the accomplished survey form by January 31, 2018. Upon completion of the study, a complimentary copy of the executive summary will be available to respondents upon their request by email.

You may contact for any questions.