PICPA Chapters and other accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) providers are encouraged to organize seminars on the recently issue BoA resolutions (including Resolution 3-2016) and project . These new matters that have arisen affect all CPAs in the various sectors of Public Practice, Commerce and Industry, Academe and Government.  As a result, there is a great demand for CPD seminars from accredited CPD  providers as the CPAs clamor for information on these new rules and regulations of the BoA and they start complying with the CPD requirements required for a large number of CPAs who will have to be accredited.

The accredited CPD providers can invite the Chairman and the members of BoA to be the  speaker/s of their seminar/s by emailing the invitation to boa.secretariat@gmail.com.

To help in the dissemination of the availability of seminars that are being offered, accredited CPD providers can request for posting in the BoA FB of the details of the seminars that they are/will be organizing. This request can be sent to the FB or to boa.secretariat@gmail.com

The list of accredited CPD  providers as of February 2016 is available in the BoA website at boa.com.ph.  These CPD  providers may be contacted for inquiry if CPD accredited seminars are/will be available.

The BoA regulations require that ALL CPAs required to be accredited (CPAs in public practice, academe, and now commerce and industry) should be able to complete the required 60 units of CPD over a three year period.




Download List of Accredited CPD Providers as of February 3, 2016.