I am Accountant


After the showing of the audio video presentation (AVP) entitled “I am Accountant” during the Annual National Convention held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan last November 26, 2015, the Project Acct initiative is moving fast forward.

“Project Acct is an initiative of the BoA to make all accountants and stakeholders of the profession appreciate and recognize more the valuable role of the accountant in society and the economy. There is a need to further enhance the image and reputation of the accounting professional. This project is also intended to boost the self esteem of all accountants and to reinforce their pride on being a CPA. We have plans for the Project Acct. , including the use of the title “Acct.” by accountants, similar to the title of other professionals, such as doctors (Dr.), lawyers (Atty.), and others,” said Chairman Joel Tan-Torres . “The ongoing compilation of the revisions in the Accountancy Law will include provisions of institutionalization of the Acct. title for accountants in the Philippines.”

The “I am Accountant” AVP is available for downloading from the BoA website You tube  andthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VgtWslzGP8&sns )

“We encourage the officers of the various accountancy organizations to play this AVP during their events. This AVP is an inspiring film on the important role of accountants in our country and promotes the use of the title Accountant or Acct to by all accountants,” said Chairman Tan-Torres