The third and latest issue of the Highest Standards Technical Journal has been released and available in PICPA Shaw and other venues.
” This issue has ten research articles and consists of 114 pages. This publication is intended to encourage accountants to conduct meaningful research or write technical articles that will be added to the accountingliterature and for them to articulate their academic or professional view points,” said BoA Chairman Joel Tan-Torres.

The articles submitted were subjected to peer review by the Royal Institute of Singapore in accordance with the academic practice on research journal articles.

The Highest Standards Technical Journal can be secured for P100 for each copy.

PICPA Chapters, sectoral organizations, accounting schools and libraries and all other accounting organizations which would like to order the Highest Standards Technical Journal can place their order by emailing and inquiring how to order and to deposit the payment (P100 per copy plus delivery charge, if any)

Alternatively, the Highest Standards Technical Journal can also be purchased in PICPA Shaw, and will be available in accountancy events, such as conventions, conferences, general assembly meetings or CPD seminars.

The first and second issues of the Highest Standards are still available for sale. Inquiries on this can be emailed to boa,