Performance Governance System


Report of Performance Governance System (PGS) Chair Noemi Villaluz on the meeting held last March 3, 2016 at PICPA Shaw to prepare for the final revalida for institutionalization scheduled on March 29, 2016

The following attended the meeting:

  1. PICPA Past President Josefina Chua
    2. AFA President Dean Estelita C. Aguirre
    3. PRC BOA Chair Joel Tan – Torres
    4. PICPA VP for Operations Dr. Cesar Mansibang
    5. ACPACI President Cynthia Molina
    6, ACPAPP President George V. Villaruz
    7. nACPAE Director Dean Ester Ledesma
    8. ACPAPP Past President Jun Cuaresma
    9. PICPA Past MMR Chair Aphat Martinez
    10. PICPA Executive Director Sally Pangilinan
    11. ACPAPP Executive Director Marifi Maring
    12. PICPA MMR Vice Chair Lolit Tang
    13.ACPAPP PGS Comm Chair Cleo Du
    14. OSM & PICPA Technical Director Eugene Villaceran
    15. PICPA PGS Staff Shen Lovely Longos
    16, PGS AVP Team Lead Volunteer Jeric Villaruz
    17. PGS AVP Team Staff Volunteer April Tatlonghari
    18. PGS Chair Noemi L. Villaruz

Matters Discussed:

Preparations for the Public Revalida by ISA for the Institutionalization of PGS for the Accountancy Profession which was scheduled on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at the AIM Conference Hall were discussed.

Assignments were given as follows:
Revalida Hand-Outs , Script and Presentations – Dr. Cesar Mansibang & Team – Eugene Villaceran, Jun Cuaresma, Dean Ellen Cabrera, Dean Ester Ledesma, Lourdes Castillo, Willie Agito, Ferdie Rodriguez
PGS Souvenir Flyer, Design & Hand Outs – ACPACI c/o Connie Cadelina, Aphat Martinez, Estelita Aguirre, Cynthia Molina, Ning Santos
Logistics & Attendance – ACPAPP c/o George Villaruz, Marifi Maring , Donnies Alas, Che Javier
Invitations – Sally Pangilinan, PICPA MMR c/o Lolit Tang, Fanny Madraga, Fritz Klein- Ortiz, GACPA c/o Willie Agito, nACPAE c/o Ferdie Rodriguez

PGS Chair Noemi Villaruz stated that in the 2013 Special Presentation of the Accountancy Profession, it was then PICPA President Atty. Josefe Sorrera- Ty and then BOA Chair Atty. Eugene Mateo who presented the 2015 PGS Roadmap for the Accountancy Profession.

PRC BOA Chair said that he could present for the Revalida but will be in the US before the actual revalida date. PGS Chair

PGS Chair Villauz
stated that PICPA VP for Operations Dr. Cesar Mansibang will be the Presentor from the AIPO, which is PICPA. It was agreed that a practice should be conducted to prepare well for the actual revalida.

The Revalida Hand-outs will have to be submitted to ISA on or before Tuesday, March 22, 2016, or one (1) week before the actual Revalida date.

There wlll be a PGS meeting on March 17, 2016 for the review of draft which Dr. Mansibang will prepare and collated.

The AIPO and each sectoral group could send at least ten (10) participants so attendees could be at least 50 participants. Together with our invitees, there would be at least 80 participants .allocated by ISA.

It was agreed that the initial registration fees given by ISA’s Jonas Trinidad at P2,800.00 is high / expensive. This matter was was relayed to him and he endorsed us to Ms. Bernice Esguerra (, ISA’s Senior Coordinator for Learning & Development, who is in charge of the event and who had also referred our concern to ISA President.

PRC BOA Chair suggested another venue ( Makati Sports Club) to avail of lesser fees but it was clarified that it is ISA which chooses the venue for the special revalida because there are still other organizations which will undergo Revalida together with the Accountancy Profession.

As to the Presentor in the Revalida, it was clarified with Jonas Trinidad after our meeting tonight, that there shall only be one Presentor during ISA Revalida. And in the interest of time, since ISA is very strict in its timing, it is best that we have only one (1) Presentor coming from the Profession, or coming from the Accredited Integrated Professional Organization (AIPO), who will be PICPA’s Vice President for Operations, Dr. Cesar Mansibang.REVALIDA