The Board of Accountancy has formulated a six-point strategy for the accountancy profession.  The strategic plan as linked to the Expanding Horizons (EH) initiatives are defined below.  This EH plan is focused in upgrading the accountancy profession in the Philippines to a levels that exceed global standards in the medium term.

  1. Institute quality and governance measures

Projects:  Performance Governance System  Institutionalization, Enhancement of the Continuing Professional Development and Accreditation Programs, implementation of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement, updated Code of Ethics, Award for  Most Outstanding Expanding Horizon Organization, Netizens Search of Outstanding CPAs, AtTEST Student Competition,  ACCA partnership, partnership with Integrity Initiative Inc.,  Governance reform and oversight over the APO and sectoral organizations, Preparation of Manuals, Inspection of schools, Internship Program, Stress Management Project for the CPA examinees, adoption of the CAPA Maturity Model, WB Public Expenditure of Financial Accountability Tool, UNCTAD ISAR Accounting Development Tool, ACPA Assessment Tool, introduction of the Doctoral Program in Accountancy, setting up an e-library, Accounting cases development project, ISO Certification of CPAs, Support for the Educational Scholarships and Training of Accounting Teachers during the K to 12 Transition Period,  Enhancement of the TESDA training modules on basic accounting and bookkeeping, Strengthen Sector Organization’s Chapters, Propagation of e-Working Papers for SMPs, Strengthening of Accounting Schools, Propagate the Accountability Now to enhance Public Financial Management


  1. Effectively regulate the profession

Projects : QAR implementation, Pro-active campaign against erring CPAs, Coordination with other regulators, Streamlining of administrative investigation process,  Posting of list of CPAs in public practice, promoting Cyber Security over accountancy platforms, Prescribing Schedule of fines and penalties, Prescribing Quality Accreditation Checklist, Office verification requirement, Increased inspection of schools, the Certificate of compilation services on the  Financial Statements, Engagement reporting of accredited CPAs in public practice, Delegation of the signing of accreditation papers, Accreditation of CPAs in commerce and industry, Accreditation of CPA partners and staff,  Accreditation of government CPAs, Whistleblower program  Discussions with AMLAC on the laundering reporting from CPAs


  1. 3Enhance image and reputation of the accounting professional 

Projects: Project ACCT, News Ledger magazine, Highest Standards Technical Journal, Debit Credit column in the Business Mirror, Annual Report and Yearbook, Champion CPAs coffee table book, Testimonial for the Pioneers of and Pillars of the Profession, Project ABC on Accountancy atbp, CSR project, Accountancy Museum, Building for Accountancy, Accountancy Jingle, Participation in the 75th Anniversary Celebration of ASEAN;  Disseminate local developments to international knowledge and networking sites


  1. 4Enhance stakeholders’ involvement and cooperation

Projects : Holding of  Accountancy Stakeholders Forum, dialogue with Affiliated Accountancy Certification Bodies, tie up  with Developmental Partners,  intervention in government accountants issues and requirements, involvement in the Council of Accreditation Regulators, Academic Industry linkages, CPA for CPA (Revenue audit of BOC) Project, discussion with Cooperative Development Authority on  its Financial Reporting circular, Assistance in implementing the Tax Academy Law, Networking with Accountancy Regulators of other countries, Pursue membership or interaction in UNCTAD ISAR, IFIAR, AOSSG, AARG, IFAC,  AICPA, PCAOB, UN and OECD  Organize various for a or summit for the Academe Administrators, Educators and Stakeholders


  1. 5Institute structural changes

Projects:  Review of Accountancy Law, amend Audit Threshold rules, strengthening the SMP, WB Review of the Standards and Codes, Revision of Accountancy Curriculum and Board Examination Syllabi, improvement in the procedures for Accountancy Week celebration and Annual National Convention, Streamlining of administration and preparation of CPA Board Examination and the new CPA oath taking, Prescribing deadlines for completion of FS preparation and audit cycle, Rationalizing the Accreditation of Regulatory offices;  Prescribe accounting framework for micro-enterprises;  Participate in Project Repeal;  Operation Change Mindset, Future is Now


  1. 6Provide communication and assistance mechanisms

Projects: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Sectoral and Career Tracking Surveys, Volunteer Program, Information Technology System Project, Notification system, formation of the Technical and Secretariat Office, organization of a Special Project Office , Coordinate the giving of donated computers